Document Size for iPad Screen Height

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Initially, I have designed for iPad screen size at W:1024px and H:768px. However, I realised that I have more elements to add in and I had increased the size to W;1024px and H:1536px. But when I preview on my iPad using Hype Reflect, I could not see the additional Size that I had increased. Please advise how do I increase the height so that it will appear on my iPad screen as well when I add a new additional element in a new row.

Attached the screenshot of my design.

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Siew Khim

You might not be seeing exactly what you would see in a browser in Hype reflect in terms of the total available space. Can you share a document? How does it look in Mobile Safari?

Hi @Daniel

I got it. Just need to uncheck the height in 100% scale and.

Thank you!

Siew Khim

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