Do we have "states" in Hype 3?


Hi all,
I’m new to Hype. Figuring out a few things…
Was wondering if there are states possible for an element or a symbol in Hype?
Can we define various states for an element if we could, how can one toggle through these states using actions like a button click or something else?

Thanks in advance.

(stephen) #2

You can use timelines to define states and custom behaviors (or Symbol Actions) to control these states. For example you could define a timeline that turns a symbol blue and on that turns it red. Then add a custom behavior called ‘blue’ in the Symbol Inspector that starts the timeline blue. Finally your button can trigger the custom behavior in an on click action handler.

Alternatively you could have a button that plays a timeline which has Symbol Action to play the symbol’s blue timeline.

Here is a quick example demonstrating the concepts: (18.3 KB)