Do scenes = web pages in a complete site?

(Kerry Scott Jenkins) #1

Hello all … newbie here currently trying the demo of Hype 3. I am looking for a replacement for Adobe Muse since they have discontinued that. I want a graphic designer-friendly way to build and upload websites. So far, I am very impressed!

Simple question: for a multiple page website, I am assuming each “scene” is a page in the site with multiple layouts for each scene to handle responsive website device changes? I have created one page that way and just want to verify I’m on the right track prior to building a complete site in a (possibly) impractical way!

Thanks in advance for your help!


Scenes are not individual, discrete pages like normal webpages are. A Tumult Hype document, consisting of several scenes, exists on a single .html page. So you visit a single .html page (which Hype exports) and you can navigate from scene to scene without loading another new page. This allows you to create seamless transitions from scene to scene which isn’t possible when navigating from .html page to .html page in the traditional model.

There’s plenty of folks who create large websites across many many scenes in Hype. We haven’t built Hype for this specific purpose, so it’s missing some of the expected features in this use case. It really depends what you’re hoping to do!

(Kerry Scott Jenkins) #3

Thanks, Daniel, for the help! Actually, I would prefer the multi-page approach as I am a graphic designer and professor and would like to see which projects (pages) people spend time on, for both my projects and my students’. If I worked with a single page, my Google Analytics would just show time spent on one page without knowing which pages folks have an interest.

So, even though Hype isn’t built for that purpose, I’m guessing it will work that way–based on your last paragraph. But is there a way around the statistics situation with just one page? My plan is to replace my site (, created in Muse) with a Hype version. If you have a chance and can review, will you reply back with a note about whether the site would be a practical project for Hype? Thank you again!

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… And by the way, you may like my first page attempt with Hype. I uploaded it here to test it:


You could track page views using the below technique. Not sure about tracking ‘time’ though:

ga('send', 'pageview', {
 'page': location.pathname + hypeDocument.documentName()

More info on Google analytics here: Tracking visits, events, and actions with Google Analytics

I like the demo! I can’t promise everything you want to do will be sans coding, however :wink:

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Thank you! I’ll see how much trouble I can get into. I am investigating a Muse replacement for our Mac lab at Methodist University (14 Macs plus 2 faculty MacBook Pros). So far, Hype looks promising!

(Jonathan Deutsch) #7

One small feature of Hype Pro is the ability to export different scenes in your document as individual .html files via the File > Advanced Export… feature. But note that if you have “Jump to Scene” actions these don’t convert to Go to URL actions, so you’ll need to make the linkages yourself.

Since Hype is more of an animation/interactivity builder than a page builder, we tend to only recommend using it in a whole site/page purpose only if there is a high degree of interactivity!

(Kerry Scott Jenkins) #8

Thanks, Jonathan! Based on your input and previous comments from Daniel, it appears Hype may be best suited to creating one-page websites. There do seem to be workarounds and I’m okay with that. As I stated above, the real reason I would want the traditional multi-page site is for the statistics to get a good idea where people are looking. But, if I can get past that concern, I may try a single-page site. My site definitely needs a responsive update, so it may be a good candidate.

I’m also excited about the animation aspects, but have a lengthy to-do list for the summer break. I’ll consider my priorities. If either of you have any advice on a graphic-designer friendly replacement more in line with Adobe Muse, I’m all ears! I still think Hype may suit my needs, though. :smile:

(Jonathan Deutsch) #9

I mostly handcode when creating sites, but I’ve heard generally positive things about Webflow and Sparkle.

(Kerry Scott Jenkins) #10

Thanks! Yes, a friend of mine suggested Sparkle. I’ll look into both.


You haven’t got time to create sites … finish v4.0 god damn it!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Apologies for the Hijack!

I personally would look at using Hype as more of a tool to create interactive content that’s placed inside an HTML page and build that “page” using something like what’s been mentioned if you’re more visually inclined.

Bootstrap Studio is another option if you’re familiar with “bootstrap” as a grid framework for HTML pages.

Using Hype for the whole thing may lead to restrictions in getting stats plus SEO concerns but not saying that it can’t be done but for someone who is not familiar with coding it will be a very steep learning curve. I implemented click tracking in one of my pieces for a well known global company and to get all the cogs working was a bit of a party to say the least. :slight_smile: but not impossible. :wink:

(Kerry Scott Jenkins) #12

Thanks, everybody! I’m just now spending some time looking at Sparkle. I checked out the website for Webflow and it seems to be too pricey for my budget. I looked at practically all of the Sparkle designer-contributed site examples on their site and they were all one page and one device. I’m hoping multi-page and responsive won’t be a big deal. Here’s hoping!

(thejoepeach) #13

Since Muse will be ended by Adobe, maybe this will be the great chance of Hype to finally kick Adobe hard were it hurt the most… Hype do all the things that muse or edge - even animate - do right…

(Kerry Scott Jenkins) #14

I agree, Joe! Apple has Final Cut and Motion, which I prefer to Premier and After Effects. Affinity has well-reviewed replacements for both Photoshop and Illustrator, and they have told me that “Publisher” (their version of InDesign) is due sometime this year. So yes, in my mind, with a great replacement for Muse, I’m ready to switch!

(Lachnowicz) #15

pinegrow seems nice and powerfull too