Do export scripts work when saving onto network to a file directory?

I have a custom export script that I normally use to export my creatives, while it works when saving locally, I can't save to folder directory inside the network drive. Not sure if this helps, I use a BUFFALO LinkStation 210 2TB 1-Bay NAS Network. It works great with macOS Monterey I can map drives and it has mobile apps, can't complain about this network drive.

Can someone verify/confirm export scripts work when saving onto a directory within a network drive? In my case, I use this one. (1.9 KB)

Not got one but more details may help someone who does help you.
I.e is the drive Mounted or not,
What Network protocol is it mounted by or connected by
whats the drives file system formatting.
What happens when you try. What do you do when you try.

The drives are surely mapped/mounted and when pointed to be saved at a specific folder/directory on the network drive, Hype via the export script refuses to save it even though it seems like it does when hitting ok/enter but it doesn't. That said, when saving to drive "loose" not to any specific directory it works.

The question you are probably asking, if it works, why then am I focusing on producing the export at a folder/directory within the network?

Here's why, because of my workflow, and the process of folder actions/automations/keyboard maestro doing further processes.

You see, after the file has been saved to the specific directory in my case "hype" via the FlatAssets export script.

Screen Shot 2022-12-07 at 1.52.53 PM

The following should happen in specific order of events at specific directories on the network:

  1. Runs Imageoptim via unixshell script for that directory and compress the images
  2. Zips the directory and moves it to compressed folder on the drive
  3. Opens the compressed directory
  4. Deletes whatever is in the. "hype" directory by moving everything to trashbin and performing to trash files forever
  5. Open the url to upload the Creative with the chrome browser.

This works on any mac at any given day on any directory like a champ.

My overall goal is to create a network which would allow me to use any Mac at home or abroad to save and send stuff to have specific export and one computer to do automations which on at all times. It's a server type of ordeal.

Been a long time since I have had to do this.
But a mapped drive normally would be done via the Connect to Network dialog and aliased in some way for ease of opening.
Or done through Terminal but pretty much the same thing.

There has to be a connection protocol.


Depending on the protocol you can get behaviour that is not expected when saving files to the network.
Drives may be built to work better with one protocol over another or even the same protocol but a different version. i.e SMB 1, 2 etc.

So knowing what protocol is in use for you may help pin point the issue if its related.

Also is the whole drive mounted or is it just sub directories of the drive mounted as mount points.
It can make a difference what is the actual mount point.

Er No, that not what I am asking.
I am not bothered about why you need the workflow, you need it that's is all that is important..


Screen Shot 2022-12-07 at 4.28.05 PM

these two automatically mapped on start up.

I made another interesting observation, a regular export to Folder... does the export to a directory such as peterb < hype but won't do it with export script go figure :thinking:

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Since exports scripts use Python to do fast operations on files, my guess is that the latency of the SMB connection is a little too slow to do all the script needs to do and something is breaking. We might see something in Hype logs if you report a bug? But there might need to be an additional step you do locally on your computer prior to getting this on a network drive if you need Export Scripts to do their thing.

On a related note, have you played around with chatGPT? Great for creating automations:

Hi Daniel, Interesting, thanks for looking into it. If you can kindly report this as bug and test it with this export script and see whatever log Hype outputs on your end that would be great.

Just try Saving to a folder/directory within the SMB network as it works just by selecting the network and saving it loose.

Nope, how would this work with my workflow or replace it?

My automations are pretty specific using Keyboard Maestro by converting the actions into Shell Scripts and pasting them into Workflow editor in Automator and it does wonders.

I think this thread may have gotten slightly derailed, so I'd like to bring it back to the main issues you have in exporting.

Yes, there's no specific reasons why export scripts should not work on a network drive. I just tested with your export script on a SMB connected drive and it works fine for me.

Can you define "can't" in this case? Does it give an error? Does it not result in any output? Is the output just incorrect somehow?

I'm not sure what you mean by this. Can you please elaborate?

The best way to help figure out what might be going on would be to do some export script logging.

  1. In the terminal, run this command:
defaults write com.tumult.Hype4 enableExportScriptDebugLogging -bool YES
  1. Relaunch Hype, and then in the terminal run this command:
log stream --style syslog --predicate '(processImagePath contains[c] "hype") && (category != "security_exception")'
  1. Perform an export

  2. Hit Control-C in the terminal, and then copy/paste all the output here (or email it to us).

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Not Sure how to explain it, hype seems to execute the the process of saving/exporting but nothing is produced when looking inside the directory.

Meaning, hype would export it here (that is it if I choose to)

but not below

Thank you, I'll try what you've suggested and report back my findings.

Probably the logs will be most useful - I'd be there's some error being generated when writing the files that will point us in the right direction.

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