Do duplicate symbols add "weight" to the project?

I am confused about why my project’s size doubled after creating 3 duplicates of a symbol. It went from 15MB to 30MB without me changing anything but adding the symbol copies.

My persistent symbol is image asset heavy due to the use of sprites but -as mentioned in other posts- the files are not duplicated (as evidenced in the file browser). So what is it that makes symbols inflate a project’s weight?

Also the project’s performance came to a screeching halt. Am I doing something wrong? I’m not allowed to share the project publicly but gladly will do so via PM if anyone wants to help me investigate.

Thank you!

Images and other assets shouldn’t be duplicated, so that amount of growth is surprising.

How are you measuring? Are you looking at the .hype document, size of an export folder, or using a browser’s network inspector to see download size?

If you are referring to the .hype document size:

  • If you are producing more instances of a single symbol, it won’t grow by much since only one copy of the symbol data is kept.
  • If you are doing a Symbol > Duplicate Symbol operation, then it will have multiple copies of the element/timeline/animation data. This is usually is small compared to any assets, but it does depend on the amount of animations/timelines/elements you have.

If you are referring to the export size, then the element/animation/timeline data is copied for each symbol instance, so it can grow if you have multiple instances… but again it is usually not as big as assets.

You’re welcome to send a zip of the document to and we can help analyze further.

Thanks, @Jonathan. I was referring to the .hype document which grew exponentially and went sluggish.

After exporting, the .hyperesources folder is back to its normal 15MB (about the size of one symbol) and quick-ish, so there is hope.

I need 4 identical objects (complex sprite animations with x variants that are user-selectable) and because I can’t use cloning I’m being wasteful and make unnecessary copies of persistent symbols (seeing as I can only use one instance of a persistent symbol per scene).

@Jonathan. I just sent you a dropbox link to the project via so you can analyze directly. Thank you for your assistance.

It looks like the issue is the number of elements in the document; I replied via email with some questions/suggestions.

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