Do 2x images load on an iPad Retina too?

(Oana Goge) #1

I’m a bit confused as to when the 2x images are loaded.

The documentation says:

Create high resolution “@2x” images that will be downloaded by devices with “retina” displays, if the source image is large enough. Automatically generated high resolution images are only downloaded by desktop computers with retina displays, so they don’t affect download times for anyone else.

But in practice, I see that an iPad 4th gen and up also has 2x graphics. Is this a bug or intended behaviour?

If intended, is there a way to force load 1x graphics on all mobile devices and 2x graphics on desktop only?


Retina image load on retina screens, so a retina iPad will load @2x images. This is a typo and has been fixed.

(Oana Goge) #3

Thanks for clearing that up!