Dithered GIFs export

Any chance for dithered GIFs rendering?

Can you give us a bit more context about your feature request?

Of course.
When you use a photos in the animation and export project to Animated GIF there are colours degradation and banding. It is understandable because of 256-colours palette but there are dithering techniques which add noise to mask quality loose. It can be use in Gimp: Image/Mode/Indexed/Dithering - there are a few algorithms.

GIF exported from Hype:

GIF converted in GIMP:

Second thing is when you export Animated GIF from Hype it contains a lot of duplicated frames when animations stop for a period of time. In GIF there is parameter which tell how long frame should be displayed. So there are no need to duplicate frames in GIF.

Yes I can export PNG sequence and play with it in another software but it is huge waste of time.

I know GIF is ancient but unfortunately agencies wants animated GIFs and I think Tumult Hype could be a Holy Grail and awesome time saver also in that matter.

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Imagemagick removes duplicate frames: http://www.imagemagick.org/Usage/anim_opt/#removedups

But Imageoptim also does this (drag + drop your GIF into the tool).

One thing you might want to try is exporting as an MP4 video from Hype, and then drop it into Gifski - https://sindresorhus.com/gifski.

Thanks for the request, there’s definitely improvements we can make to GIF generation.

Many thanks for the useful tools links.
I hope you’ll be able to make Animated GIFs Dream Machine soon.