Distorted sound on Xcode project

When I build my Hype app using WKWebview in Xcode 11, on either an iphone or an iPad, the background music which is in a loop, and the audio fx in any buttons, etc (so any sound) sounds horribly distorted. Then I quit the app and restart it and all sound is fine.

This doesn’t happen every time. Just often enough that makes me worry it will be a thing. Has anyone experienced this?

I had this problem a few years ago when I created an app with hype and Xcode. After the app was compiled and place on the App Store, the problem disappeared making me think it was more a problem with how Xcode previewed my project than anything else. Have you tried to manually remove and place the audio files back into Xcode directly?

That’s interesting and reassuring. I have not, since the sounds are played On MouseDown through Hype. Thanks for sharing your experience!

Same problem here. It started a couple of weeks ago. It’s just the iPad.
Removing the app from the iPad and installing it again solves the problem. Strange thing is that it does’nt happen every time. Maybe iPadOS?

If anyone can capture what this is like or send a project that reproduces the problem (along with what device/iOS version you’re using) I’d be curious to take a look and potentially file a bug if it is Apple’s fault.

Will do

For me I don’t need to delete app, just closing it and reopening does the trick. Did you find the issue ins the App Store app, or on the Xcode build?

yep, I found that as well. Lately I wasn’t able to reproduce the problem. But I try everyday :sunglasses: