Distorted hype-button on wordpress page

I have used same hype 2.5 ressourcefiles in the following samples, but cannot figure out how to fix the distorted button phenomena seen when the hype-object is posted on a wordpress page. Do any have an idea how to deal with this issue?


This problem is absent when you load the same ressources as a non wp content-page:

Any clues are thankfully appreciated. Kind regards, Raaskot

I’m having the same problem. Did you figure this out? Thanks!

the css of your wordpresstheme is affecting hypeelements.

two possibilities:

  1. find the css (@Daniel pointed out that it should be around box-sizing) and overwrite it for your hypeelements
  2. use a iFrame to include your whole project
  3. there may be more solutions … :wink:
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Thanks Claasen!
Remediated: In the actual example I didn’t get the hang of it, but I can confirm, that using an iFrame is the way to go. Also the css-entry, overwriting the box-sizing, is fine and makes good sense.

Since including iframes in WP I have met no issues of the same kind.

Kind regards,

Thanks @raaskot and @h_classen! The iframe was the easiest solution. Thanks for helping a newbie.