Display text like in a power point slide

i couldn’t find anything in the forum, so i like to ask: is there a option to display/fade in a text line by line (like on a powerpoint slide)?
i found a workaround with the timeline and the scene actions, but it costs a lot of time to create. anyone knows a more timesaving option?
thanks a lot!!!

I’m not sure if there is a quicker way. I guess it depends on your project and what you are doing.


thanks for the quick answer.
I try to make a interactive presentation and some of the slides coming with a lot of text and I don’t want it displayed in one step.
now I put every thesis in a single text box, set opacity to 0 and change it later to 100% and then I set a stop before it in the timeline. in the scene layer I activate the option “action by pressing button” - proceed timeline. everytime a button is pressed a new line is displayed in the end. but that is a lot of work for about 200 slides. so I was wondering if there isn’t a smarter solution…… :confused:
to use a timepreset or something similar could be also a option, but not for me, because I need to manage the transitions manually

Can you post a copy of your Hype document?


I was going to look at this also, why the password??

because until its ready I don’t like to share the contents to avoid errors/copies.
but you could understand the problem with this reduced copy too.
ohnetitel2.hype.zip (1.6 MB)

I understand, :smile:

I had already been playing with this but without insight via project example I and others would find it hard to know if we are going in the right direction.

Thanks for the repost.

@kahlos I’ll leave this in Mark’s capable hands :slight_smile:

Sorry, out of the office now.

@MarkHunte I think he just needs some guidance on animating on the timeline. I’m thinking that you could show him how to use the arrow keys as well as the arrow images to navigate through the timeline / animations. :wink: Also, he was asking about animating the text like powerpoint. I’m guessing fades and perhaps using rectangle to fade in the lines, etc. You know the score. :wink:


Bugger.. :smile:.

Ah arrow keys, I did wonder..

Never really used Powerpoint but I will see what I can do. ...

@DBear thanks a lot for the help. also @MarkHunte
just a little annotation: I’m more or less happy with the workaround and the arrow keys in the corner are just for testing purpose and I will change to a completely different layout/navigation. that’s not the problem - I hope I understood it right.

my problem is that in the end there are about 300 scenes with different layouts and I don’t like to put in every single scene for every little part of text a new point on the timeline and the opacity. that would cost me weeks of work. for this problem I need a timesaving solution :wink:

Yep that what I thought.. Not easy but let me see what I can come up with ( no promises though )

Ok so check this out and let me know if it does what you want.

I have removed all the timeline actions that control the fade in.

The opacity is controlled by Javascript.

Wha I have done is give each scene a name. i.e sceneOne

The elements on sceneOne that need to fade in have all been given the class name of sceneOne.
They also have been given a unique id each.
i.e sceneOne1,sceneOne2,sceneOne3

The id corresponds to the scene they are on and the order in which they should appear. i.e 1,2,3

Any elements that need to have the opacity set to 50% also have a class name of “fifty”.
i.e on sceneTwo 4 of the elements have the full class name of “sceneTwo fifty

The javascript will lookout for this and set the opacity to 50% for those elements.

At the moment they will show with out a gradual fade in but hopefully that can be fixed if need with a bit more javascript.

There is a JS function that resets the element counter on scene load. And the keypress on each scene has been set to run the main JS function.

Any way once the Javascript is set up this is really easy to set the scenes.

ohnetitel2.hype 2.zip (1.3 MB)


If you want to be more precise with the opacity value I have an easy way of doing that. But look at the above first and let me know.

@MarkHunte wow - great! :joy: that really solves my problem. thanks a lot for the help!
I know that Hype wasn’t designed for presentation purposes but now I could use it for this and to replace Prezi (like I mentioned in a previous question). in the end it will not be the same, but in a way more powerfull and stable. because if you got more than 200 slides with animation and so on Prezi is overstrained and need minutes to perform the actions.
the gradual fade in is not so important - it was just a not needed side effect of the timeline-workaround. maybe it could be option, but is not needed now.
I don’t know nothing about JS but I’m really impressed so I think I need to learn more about it. is there a tutorial or something about Hype and JS and/or involving outside librarys like impress.js?


Remember if you need a finer control over opacity level I have a small adjustment that I can post.

For learning just do a search on this site as others have asked the same question and there should be plenty of answers.