Display Images one after another efficiently?

I was thinking that single frame per image animation and some even Distribution event would be a good way to display an Image Sequence without the limitation of an actual movie (no auto play on mobile devices).

But looking at some of the examples of galleries and Spritesheet animation such as this one from DBear:

Has me wondering if there is a chance that some javascript that displays images from the resource library, one after another (~30 per second) could create a virtual movie file (animation) would be a good way to go?

Does anyone know of something similar posted as an example?

BeachBall8.zip (786.6 KB)

I tried this with Annoyed Tomatoes…

Just to have “TANK” do a brief intro, at a fairly small size, is quite large. By using separate images, rather than a movie, it’s usually a much larger file size. (The JPEG is about 720KB vs 250KB for the video.)

Yes, this was done to get around the play-on-page issues with iPhone. It worked, but it was a chore to make it. Basically, I created something of a sprite sheet. It was placed in an element that hid the outside images… so only one square of animation was shown. I moved the image with JavaScript for greater precision / control.

But Spritesheets are really something you want, then (if you haven’t already) you might want to look at this…

“Insert Sprite Sheet” is not an option in my version…
Version 3.6.3 (584) Professional Edition

So this is a feature in version 4.0 which is not yet available?

It’s not publicly available, not yet anyway.