Display Bug on mobile devices


I want my project to have different layouts for iPhones and iPads, but I don’t want to allow user scaling. Starting with one layout for iPhone (viewport set to document width), it displays perfectly on the iPhone in both portrait and landscape (see screenshots “iPhone 1 Layout Portrait” and “iPhone 1 Layout Landscape”. As soon as I add a second Layout for iPad, the project doesn’t display correctly any more on the iPhone (see screenshots “iPhone 2 Layouts Portrait” and iPhone 2 Layouts Landscape". It displays correctly on the iPad in portrait, but doesn’t fill to the screen width in landscape (see screenshots “iPad 2 Layouts Portrait” and “iPad 2 Layouts Landscape”.

Here is the link to the zip-archive containing the screenshots and the Hype-documents:

I already sent this through the “report and issue” command but didn’t get any reaction. Thank you for correcting this behavior!

Daniel Zimmermann

(strmiska) #2

here´s the correct hype doc. you forgot to activate responsive layout 100%width, height 100%.
also the boxes have to be pinned in the right way.
Hype-BugCorr.hype.zip (14.8 KB)