Discount Pricing for Tumult Hype 4

Discounts for Recent Purchases

We’ve made available a number of discounts for previous purchasers of Tumult Hype. The best way to smoothly upgrade with discount pricing is to make sure that you have installed Tumult Hype on your computer prior to installing Tumult Hype 4. For a graphical overview of how to claim a discount if you don’t see one when installing Tumult Hype 4, view this page.

If you purchased Tumult Hype 4 recently on the Tumult Store, it’s best to download Tumult Hype from here: (and not install the update when launching Hype 3). This way, we can detect when you made your last purchase and give you a free license.

Questions about Education discounts, bulk Discounts or any other purchasing questions not answered here? View our Purchasing FAQ.