Disappearing pictures

Ok, Im coming now with something NOT JS related… I think. This is a problem that I only experience using Chrome, I have cleaned everything and even reinstalled chrome using App Cleaner.

This is how the website should look:

This is how it looks in Chrome:

This is the complete Hype file:

Here is the live website:

Also, it seems that the pictures appears when using a private tab in chrome. Any idea?

Can you be more clear about what’s broken? Seems the same for me in Safari + Chrome, but I don’t know where to look…

Not seeing any issues in Incognito mode either.

In the pictures I uploaded is more clear, in the bottom are 3 picture sliders:

Those doesn’t appear when I preview the site using chrome, I was reported by the customer that it also happens in his computer using Windows 10 (IE)

Here is a video showing the problem in action:

I found the problem…

it was the AdBlock extension, calling the pictures “ad” was enough to trigger the AB.

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