Disappearing Bounding Box handles

Not sure if this is a known issue, but when I am working with Hype the bounding box handles on shapes and images keep disappearing. You can still select and move the shape but the handles don't show. To get them back I have to save the file and quit and restart Hype and they reappear.

It can get a bit annoying to keep going in and out of the App. Is this something you are looking at?

We have not received other reports of this issue and not hit it ourselves. The selection halo is technically drawn in a separate borderless child window that overlays the main document window. As such, from time to time we've seen and fixed a few things that can cause drawing issues. For example, most recently we fixed an issue where using Apple's "Window > Move to iPad" sidecar feature had a bug where it didn't properly move the child window as well. That is to say, while we haven't heard of anything recent, it isn't unheard of that an unidentified problem may exist here.

Some questions:

  • What version of macOS are you running?
  • What version of Hype are you running?
  • Do you have a multiple display setup?
  • Do you run any software that might otherwise change how windows are positioned or displayed?
  • Are there any specific things you do before this occurs? (including Changing apps, using exposé/mission control/etc?)

Anything you can relay on how your setup or workflow might be non-standard could help identify the cause. Thanks!

Thanks for coming back to men Jonathan. My answers below. Bearing in mind that I have had the issue for a long time. Through various versions.

I am using Big Sur 11.6
Hype: 4.1.7
No multiple display just on MacBook Pro
No to running software for window positioning
The issue can occur any time. I select an item and suddenly there are no handles.

Thanks; it doesn't sound like anything immediately obvious. Some followups based on those answers:

  • Is this something that reliably reproduces? If so, is it possible to take a screen capture of it working and then getting into the broken state?
  • Does it occur with all elements, or just specific ones?
  • The scene area typically has a small drop shadow around it (most visible if you just open a new blank document). When this problem occurs, does that drop shadow still show up?
  • If you have multiple documents open, does it occur with all of them simultaneously, or only on a single one?
  • If it happens more frequently with a specific document, can you please send a zip of that to support@tumult.com?

Thank you!