Disabled the parallax scroll script

Hello everyone, I need your help.
I encountered a problem when using parallax scroll.
I still have a scroll on the screen, but it does not work in safari because of (Parallax scroll) only cards are scrolled.
the question is, is it possible to somehow disable the script during a normal scroll so that the cards do not move, and after closing the menu, move again?project.hypetemplate.zip (240.8 KB)

There, fixed it: Untitled.hype.zip (240.8 KB) (Tested in Chrome 80, should work in other browsers too).

However, I think, you have a bigger problem that a user has to click twice to open the sidebar. On the first click, it just opens and closes itself. Then, on the second click, the sidebar stops.

UPDATE: I checked it now in Safari and I’m not surprised, the mouse wheel isn’t working at all, neither scrolling the background, nor the foreground. I have always had troubles with mouse wheel as custom scroll in Safari, but, I just pretend that that browser doesn’t exist. The maximum you can do with the fixed file that I gave you is, set the content overflow of the text in the sidebar (not the group), to scroll, so, at least the user can scroll by clicking and dragging it.