Disable Right Click on Hype Sites

Right mouse button breaks the on drag Action on my website (https://www.3dtp.co.uk).

I tried adding:-

document.onmousedown=disableclick; status="Right Click Disabled"; Function disableclick(event) { if(event.button==2) { alert(status); return false; } }

To the header, I think it worked before, but not any more.
Does anyone have any suggestions how I can disable right click on my site.


do you use hypes getter/setter API?
an example would be helpful. i can see no problem on your site.
works for me also after right click in safari.

Hi Strmiska,

Thanks for your reply,

I’m not sure what the getter / setter API is, I just use the standard Hype app with no extras. So I guess I don’t.

The problem I have is:- when I right click, it seems to break the drag action and the webpage follows the arrow cursor, even though the mouse button has been released. It basically becomes unusable if someone accidentally clicks the right mouse button.

I am on Safari 6.2.7 on OS X 10.8.5, things may have improved with later versions of Safari. I’ll test my site on Yosemite when I get home.

i just have seen your problem. this could happen, because you´re triggering the timeline to be dragged.
did you activate “play timeline after drag to end” (don´t know correct english, cause i´ve german version)
try to deactivate.