Disable Dragging

I have an app with multiple scenes, and the way you go from one to the other is, besides tapping on the arrows, to drag the scene using the new Page Turn function. It works as it should:

The problem is that I also have a coloring game, where you click on the outline animal, a modal comes up, and you need to drag your finger on top of it to “color” the animal.

But because of the Page Turn function, if you start dragging your finger horizontally, then the entire scene moves as if you were trying to move to the next or previous scene…

Is there a way to disable Page Turn dragging temporarily?

There’s currently no way to temporarily disable scene actions like this.

Could you jump to a different scene temporarily for this part of the game and jump back on close?

Mybe. It’s a bit cumbersome and adds 26 scenes. I might remove the Page turn function instead. Is a nice to have but not strictly necessary.

Thank for letting me know!


But there could be. While running the callback a notification using the established observer pattern could return false and hence not start, listen and run the action. Actually this was discussed and probably put on the feature tracker.

For now you can use the workaround using a JavaScript action to do the page turn only if the modal is not open. But without the nice interactive drag.

In the mentioned discussion there is also a way to forward swipe actions …