Disable document auto rotate

(Zion Smith) #1

Hi guys havent picked up hype for a little while, i want to know how to disable auto rotate, basically i have a ball on the screen and the kid moves it around using physics as he move the phone, but i dont want my scene to move from portrait mode to landscape mode and back and forth, i just want the ball to move and my scene (screen) just to stay there no matter how he move the phone or ipad.

Thanks guys

(Markus Bjerre) #2

I’m not quite sure since I’ve never worked with ipads and physics. However, I saw the checkbox in the element inspector that enables/disables “control gravity with device tilt”. Perhaps that is something you’re looking for?


Unfortunately it’s not possible to disable auto rotate unless you instruct the user to lock orientation.


There’s a project I’m working on that has a landscape setup. I don’t want it to rotate to portrait mode, but it’s OK if it auto-rotates to upside-down landscape mode.

I thought about using the accelerometer data to rotate the whole canvas. It looked like it was getting close, but then I got tired and frustrated. The project is an app, so I can just lock the app to landscape orientations. The app would be better with 4-way rotation – so I haven’t given up on the idea. But so far, I haven’t quite figured out how to smooth out the transition. It should look like it’s not moving at all.