Diki Medow - Escultor Formentera

Hello everybody,

I also wanted to post a privat project made about my (step)dad with Hype.

Nothing fancy in the animation or programming department but then again a page like this is done so easily in Hype and that’s why I love it. It features different background-images on each visit and the gallery is done with only one scene and replacing the image. With more code one certainly could do much more but I am happy how this turned out in less then a days work. As my (step)dad isn’t feeling that good these days the focus shifted away from him having a homepage but I’ll certainly will improve the site with upcoming features from this forum and maybe a thing or two from Hype 4.

Thanks tumult for the great and empowering software.


Thanks for sharing - I’m glad we could be a (small) part of a personally meaningful project for you.

Wishing the best for your stepdad.

Beautiful works of art!