Digitial poster: THETA 2015 Conference, Gold Coast, Australia

*Digital poster “Expert In My Pocket” I designed and presented at THETA (The Higher Education Technology Agenda) Conference at Gold Coast, Australia, last week. #theta2015
(*Click ‘Proceed’ button to view.)

No coding, all scenes and timeline with one embedded YouTube clip on one scene.
Developed over several days. Probably needs some image optomization but I was running late due to illness.

I presented the poster using a 55" touch screen display.
The presentation was well received and was awarded second prize for Best Digital Poster.

I still class myself as a Hype newbie so was great to have this outcome.
(With the short time frame I ended up having there was ‘No way’ I could have done this without Hype!)



Peter -

Nice work. I like the multi-directional layout and navigation, in particular.


Thanks John, Would like to have done a bit more to it had I not been sick before the conference. Now using Hype for my next digital poster for another conference :wink: