Digital OoH | Using Hype

I will update this Topic to show you the power in generating Digital Out of Home files with the use of Hype.
It is a lot easier to get it done then in Adobe After Effects. Plus Digital Out of Home can’t have fast and complex animations here in Germany, due to the restrictions of not being allowed to distract the traffic.

Since the 3.6 Update the performence has also increased.

I will upload a whole flight. From 1 monitor, 3 or 7 Monitors true a wall of 31 Monitors.

3 Monitor Landscape:

1 Monitor Portrait:

1 Monitor Landscape:

3 Monitor Landscape:

1 Monitor Portrait:

1 Monitor Landscape:


Hello Tumult Team,

it seems we users are not allowed to export a large size file.
My File dimensions are 7560x1920px and Hype doesn’t continue on exporting this animation of 8 seconds.

This is what it looks like in a Gif.

3 Monitor Landscape:

Could you guys have a try?
Size: 5.0 MB
Expire Date: 7.4.2017

Do you mean upload to the forum?.

No just export to mp4, PNG sequence, Widget. It does not finish nor continue once I give the command. I work locally to not strain the network and computer.

It is something to do with the px size.
If i create a dummy project with simple animations and set it’s width x Height to same as yours, I get the same thing.
If a reduce the sizes on yours or the dummy then all is well.

As soon as I exceed the 6100 px in width I cannot export to mp4. I know Hype isn’t build for such large sizes, but it would be nice. I can cut the 7 screens into smaller ones inside of Avid.

You are possibly hitting the upper limit of the mp4 frame size. do a search for the specs. This may tell you if that is the case.

That would be a sad world we are living in. For 360 commercials we shoot in 8k resolution: 7680x4320 pixels per camera. We can still generate video files.

Good example site is this one. An 8k VR website.

For jsut to be sure I will do some research. Thanks for that direction.

I think that is what it is. if I go over 4,096 width. it does not work.

But I am able to export with the ProRes 442 codec. Not sure if that is of use to you.

I can use that. Just for previewing I have to extra convert the file to mp4 so the rest can have a look at it.

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You can play them in Quicktime. they are .mov files

// Facepalm. Interesting how a slight panic makes blind.

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Today we are hitting the maximum possible in rendering with Hype. Seems the Engine showing our images cannot and will not show the frame animation inside of the symbol.

Can you attach the current document and let me know what export settings you are using?

Will do an upload in 5 min. Johnathan, pardon me for the delay. We went back to After Effects in the end. :slight_smile:

Could I get a different E-Mail to send you the file, due to the fact the Product displayed is case sensitive and not yet released.