Design camera app

Nice tool to animate an Hype app on a iPhone screen …


Wow this is maaaaagic. I can totally see myself using this app with hype def a great find. Its essentially like but without an actual timeline which btw, charges an arm and a leg for video output.

Video Copilots Element 3D AE, MotionVFX Mo2 for Motion and Final Cut does this by way of importing 3d models into its plug ins but animating is a lengthy process and this app makes it a breeze, I just wish there was 3d import model option.

Thanks guys! Design Camera clearly has some way to go to match the polish of Hype. On it. Let me know if you have any questions about using the app.


Welcome Morten,

Great to have you here, maybe you and @Jonathan can think of ways to provide solutions that make easier for UX Designers, Animators… to do more with your apps so its a tight knit integration, even though they are different apps. Morten, I know you mentioned that Design Camera app has a long way to go, I hope my intro to Tumult Hype 3/4 beta was a meaningful one, one that you can inherit and apply ideas that can streamline processes for anyone that comes from Hype.

Very cool app!

Is it possible to support WKWebViews in the device preview? If so Hype could send a URL your way and it might be an interesting preview possibility.


Unfortunately no easy way to integrate WKWebViews, but I do have an API that can render layers individually. Happy to talk more

It is probably just easier for users to export as a video and bring it in that way then.

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