Deleting multiple Scenes and link duplicate scenes

Hallo Tumult,

we are getting annoyed by having to keep selecting one scene at a time and delete it. There must be a better way. :slight_smile: Help us please help us.

And to add: we loop these banners 2 or 3 times. We don’t write a js loop due to the fact that the team here are not programmers.
Our solution is the following: we repeat one scene 3 times. It would be nice if we could symbol a whole scene. So that if there are changes made in the master scene we do not have to triple them.

Just leaving thoughts here, we are back on production again.

Thanks for the feedback. Not having multiple scene selection is one of those dark embarrassing corners to Hype which we plan to address!

You should be able to select all the contents of a scene and choose Symbol > New Symbol from Selection to convert everything over. Have you tried this?

Will give that a try. Thank you for the thought, Jonathan.