Deleting a file that is being used

I apologize in advance if this has been covered, maybe I'm not wording it correctly. I"m cleaning up my pages and I"m wanting to delete files that I'm not using anymore. For whatever reason I can't delete some audio files in the resources. Is there a way to find where this element is being used? I thought I had deleted all the files or actions to this audio file, but when I try and delete it keeps popping up, Unable to delete resource. I'm trying to save space and loading times.
Thanks for your help in advance!

Unfortunately there's not functionality to show where in the document the sound is being used (though this is of course a good and much needed feature request).

One typical place that is often overlooked is within Symbols if you are using them. Once a symbol has been created it will not be automatically deleted from the resource library, even if all instances are gone. So we've found documents can have a lot of unused symbols, which hold onto their resources. If you try to delete a symbol from the Resources Library and it has no instances, it will be deleted instantly along with any resources it is holding onto.

That said, there's of course other places sounds can be used like timeline actions, scene actions, etc.

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Not using symbols, I might try deleting scenes so I can find it. I plan to use this a template once I get rid of these files. Yes that would be a good feature, but for now, I'll do what I can to figure it out. Thanks as always for the response and help! Wonderful software!

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