Delete any control in a video?

Hello to everyone. I’m putting a few seconds of video into a presentation. Although I choose not to display any control, I noticed that users can, with the right mouse button, enter in a contextual menu of the video and perform some operations. Is it possible to block any user action?

Thank you

Maybe this helps

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Thank you, but I search a solution for other browser such Opera, Firefox, etc…

You would run this On Scene Load, where myVideo is the ID of your video element. But I don’t recommend doing this since it’s nice to let people do things they want to do.

hypeDocument.getElementById('myVideo').oncontextmenu = function() {
    return false;

Thank you Daniel…but that code don’t work. Sorry I am a newbbie on Hype. May be I wrong something…

Can you share what you have?

Hello Daniel, the problem seems disappeared. Once published, I found that the problem no longer presents itself. If you want, you can have a look at the presentation that you can find online:

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Hello Daniel…I have solved. Don’t run because I had not insert ID of video.
Thank you!

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