Default stroke & fill

A suggestion, if feasible: the ability to customize the default fill and stroke attributes for new rectangle & ellipse elements, including the ability to omit them. As a possible UX model, the app Sketch allows users to “Set Style as Default” via the Edit menu when any object is selected.

In my particular Hype use, I rarely need to apply a stroke to an object. It would be very convenient if I didn’t have to remove the stroke from nearly every rectangle or ellipse I create. Because the stroke affects the dimensions of a DIV, I sometimes forget to remove the stroke before I set the height and width, then remember, then must remove the stroke and fix the dimensions.

Happy longtime user of the app, and lurker in these very helpful forums. Hope this didn’t sound like a complaint. Thanks!


nope. I second this. Might have already mentioned this one. If I haven’t I’m voicing my opinion here again. I am almost 99% every time removing the border when creating a new rect element. It’s annoying as hell but something I have lived with. It would be good to control this as a default option (preference)


Thanks for the request - definitely realize this is sorely needed!


An option to Copy/paste styles is another fast way to apply the style to other opject ( also to multiple selection/groups). Adffinity designer offer this feature. Styles, attributes and more. Very useful.