Deep dive in JavaScript (great summary)

Going forward and with the work currently underway on Tumult HyperEdit now Whisk… I am hoping for modern syntax highlighting in Hype too. Also the support for some node based pre processing would be great (maybe a hook to run every function through on export in exportscripts)

But this post isn’t about feature requests … it is about the following read on medium. For all with slight familiarity with JavaScript using Hype… this article sums up the development of JavaScript over the years and the changes ahead.


All the editor improvements that are in Whisk will be brought back to Hype, including syntax highlighting for the newer keywords.

We aren’t planning any preprocessors support… while I can see some sort of hook to modify the code might be generally useful, was there a particular case in mind you had for this?

Yes simple expander or code optimization like the removal of comments or pre processors for specific dialects like type script etc.

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Ah gotchya - yes the use case for a minifier makes a lot of sense here.