Debug Widget - Dynamic playhead frame #s

Create a Debug Widget that we can drop into any Scene to assist in providing more data to the Developer.

For instance, create a widget that Dynamically reports all Timeline current data:
Name : Playhead frame number
Name : Playhead frame number
Name : Playhead frame number

Name = Scenename or Symbol Name
Playhead frame number = Dynamic and looped so frame numbers will increase if not paused

In many cases I’m personally faced with wondering why something is not animating as expected. Such a widget would quickly display whether the problem is code related or playhead related.

At the very least the widget would help to show exactly what frame an animation is at. For instance when you have multiple Symbols animating on the scene, dropping the widget into the Symbol would show a timeline ticker for each symbols allowing more precise understanding and choice making to coordinate symbol actions.

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Thanks for the request - definitely see how it could be useful! In the early days of Hype v1 I had something similar to help me debugging the basic animation system.

Perhaps, console logging could be a bit more granular too. With respect to the API for example. There are many a times when users have had to search high and low for a missing character or a misplaced one. Currently, unless I’m missing something myself, the logging is quite general and it would be nice to be to pin point a little closer to where the culprit may lie.

I’m referring to other users as my code is always pristine. :smiley: :smiley:


Yeah - I almost added on that we want to include a mode for better javascript debugging :slight_smile:.