Debug 'Open with TextWrangler' button?

In the Resource library, if I click a .js file, then the view icon, a preview of the file loads. To the upper right is a button titled ‘Open with TextWrangler’.

No matter how many times I click that button, Hype doesn’t load TextWrangler, and doesn’t open the .js file in it.

Is this a known problem with OSX’s preview functions? Or is there something else going on here? Pro 3.0.3.

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This has happened before, and we have a bug filed on the issue. Thanks for reporting!

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I use Hype Pro 3.5.1 and i have the same problem. No matter how may times i click that button, Hype doesn’t load the .js-File in TextWrangler!

… and if this feature works, can i select another editor as my individual standard-editor?