"Das Tier" (the animal)

Recreation of a famous kids character in Germany called the animal (Das Tier).
All done in Hype 4 with some SVG Filter magic sprinkled on top. Also using the vector tool and dashed lines for the teeth.

DasTierHype4.hype.zip (33,9 KB)

Please note this character is probably copyrighted so this is just “fan art”




You mean he doesn’t have nose? He can throw and look but he’s unable to breath :joy:.


Cute, I guess he’s one of those that breaths in and out from his mouth agh monsters :grin:.

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Whatever happened to monsters that have noses that have purple spots on their fur, have a tail and horns like Sully image

If Monster Inc. teaches us something … Monster come in all shapes and sizes and your character motivation count more then your appearance.

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He’s Itching to be a monster :slight_smile: I don’t know what it is but moving fur relaxes me.

I guess this is beyond Hype and SVG filter.

I created these in collaboration with Jose Alves da Silva. Obviously I was only the concept artist and he the 3D genius. Still I love them till this days… also no nose by the way :wink:

And for procreation we also added the female version …

Cute, yeah they’re the noseless, hand, footless, fingers less but they got horns kind monsters :joy:. Funny how you destined them by cutting their body parts.

absolutely fantastic! it’s a great job, I love princess

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