Customize JS Library on Export

I’m trying to lean out my widgets I’m building in Hype 3 Pro. 54kb is rather large considering I’m only using some basic animations, I’m curious is there is anyway to reduce that foot print so say — only include move functions for example. Thanks!


This thread will help you understand what files can be safely removed to save space: Banner ad file optimization

Do note that if you’re serving this with a modern web server, it will also likely be gzipped to reduce the size further (~23 KB). We’re constantly working to keep this as small as possible.

Awesome thanks for the detailed break out of what each files does @Daniel! I was in fact having some issues with basic animation with the thin library so I ended up including the full library to fix!

@jonathan totally understand the serving platform we use does a good job of compressing it I was just wondering if there was a way a way to custom build the library (similar to how you can with boot strap) but now knowing what is included with the thin vs full library I have a much better understanding! Thanks again!!