Customizable Presets

Hello, I don’t know if this feature was already requested… I will love to have the possibility to create customizable presets. If I need to give same border, color, shadow,… AND same Physics to a lot of elements on a scene (or scenes), it will be time saving to apply one container preset to all the elements.

Manuel, actually working on a big project: 30 years of exhibitions in our museum, displayed on two 55" touch-screens.


Style Presets, so one can reuse that’d be neat something like this was requested a while ago.

What I do now is I have a Hype Starter Template 600x400 with my shapes, styles applied and hidden from view as well as assets in my resources panel might just help you for the time being.

Might be related:

@Jonathan, The one thing that hype does now is it exports everything found in the resource assets even those assets are not being used in the project window it gets exported for final output. Surely I can go through the things I didn’t use and delete then export, but what if I have 25-30 assets? Any chance, you can ignore assets that are not part of the project and if theres a poster image(s) that were created for the project you can make an exception.

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Yes, @petester, I agree, it would be a really useful Pro feature: Collect and export all assets that are inside the margins of the Scene(s) and dismiss / ignore what’s outside the margins.

Templates are definitely a good way to do this! Of course having styles would also be quite useful.

Advanced export slices by default will not export resources that are not in use (with the poster image exception - those are always considered in use if you have them).

Realistically, Hype exports are too dynamic and interactive to ignore items outside of margins. While one might be tempted to add some sort of option for this, I think it would be misused and lead to app bloat!

(we could handle items that are marked as hidden better, though)

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What I really mean is accelerate the process in the Project itself, not exporting anything. For example I have in a scene 120 elements. I need for each one put a 2px border, select color white, set same dimension and activate Physics with same settings. Now I need to select all the elements, go to each setting window one by one. And repeat that in each scenes. If a custom preset was present, I only select all and apply the preset that contain all the setting changes in one round.

yes thats called a style, your defining a style and saving it as preset for reusing with Hype. This has been requested long ago.

Thanks, I didn’t know. I type my search with “preset”… Then, waiting for “styles” then.


I can live without it. More important and valuable for my workflow is that the export code which hype is spilling out, is compact and the app is not bloated.

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