Custom video on web with no backgrounds

How can I perform this in Hype 3.6…? (591.0 KB)


Unfortunately web browsers do not render alpha channels in videos. This isn’t a limitation of Hype specifically. The only ways to do this are via animated gif, png+alpha sequences, or via the canvas renderer you are using in the example.

Hi jonathan

Do you have example canvas renderer on hype…?

That’s what your example appears to use :slight_smile:. In all honesty I hadn’t even thought of using that as a technique until I saw it with your file.

Hi Eden!

This is a link from a post I did in April 2016 on this topic:

I do not know if this is exactly what You are looking for but it is an interesting idea as it does not depend on browser features, just JavaScript. The fifth button from the left (“Directions”) explains the process.

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Very cool Jim!

Hi Jim,

Thanks for your comment, I see this your link in past… but
I need to make canvas in my hype file.

I’m trying to upload an alpha video file into the hype and look for it to be displayed in the browser well without the background.

If there is another way to do this through the hype except the way I’m currently using it iframe

Can you send me please hype work file…?

I would be happy if you can help me (:


Hi Eden!

I’ve never used the technique I linked to - it was just a FYI - so I do not have a working Hype (or other) example to send You - sorry!

Ok, Thanks Jim!
Maybe there’s someone else here who can help me …?