Custom force for elements

Hi guys,
i’m wondering if I can develop a custom system of foces for elements of a scene…

Thanks in advance for your advises…

Can you give an example of something you’re trying to create?

I wouldn’t mind seeing a wind emitter with an effect that varies by proximity.

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For example a solar system where when I drag the Sun the satellites change subsequently the trajectory.

Relationships like this aren’t something that you can (at the moment) create using the Hype animation interface, but thanks for the request!

Well you can kind of Hype Symbol Duct Tape a move like you mention. However to change trajectory you may need a little more in the way of rigging some magic in your symbols.

In this sample.
I just create a loop animation in a Symbol.
Then put an ON DRAG action onto the symbol

You could write some javascript to put a delay on the satellites so that it appears that when you drag the sun the satellites come chasing after.

Or an ON DRAG that controls the timeline and position so you can go to another spot on the timeline where for example the satellites reverse orbit.

solar (18.0 KB)

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Many thanks for your explanations and suggestions.

But, I’m wondering if I can connect an Element, controlling its position for example, with some code wrote in javascript: in the example of solar system I could implement the rotation of satellite by a timeline, but the position with a gravitational field wrote in javascript…

(and after export all as one tumult animation/application for Ios…)

wow just found this check it out… really cool

Bloody addictive…

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That is really cool!!

You can control element positions yourself; the recommended method is to use the Hype Setter API:

var x = 10; // do some calculations
var elementToControl = hypeDocument.getElementById("thePlanet");
hypeDocument.setElementProperty(elementToControl, 'left', x);

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