Custom fonts - Good workflow to convert fonts to vector objects?

Hi all,

I have been using Adobe Flash/Animate once and then for animations or banners but had Hype on the list for quiet some time.

I currently stumble over the custom font issue. One of my clients has customs fonts and needs the banners for Google Ads. Animate allowed me to convert any text to convert into vectors and from what I have read here, Hype does not support that to date.

So my question is: What would be the ideal workflow to to convert texts to vector elements, ideally before exporting it? I have multiple banners in various formats and manipulations and it would get quiet inconvenient to prepare all texts as assets in Sketch or Illustrator.

Any recommendation how the workflow could look like?

Thank you all.

I would use Sketch, and do this:

  • Select your text and press ⌘ + option + o (convert to outlines)
  • Edit > Copy > Copy SVG code
  • Make new rectangle in Hype
  • With the rect selected > Edit > Edit Inner HTML and paste (or ⌘ + option + e, ⌘ + v)

This requires that your element size in Sketch is the exact same size as you have in Hype. But in Hype, you can always hold ⌘ + drag the corner of the rectangle to scale it up or down.

This takes about 10 seconds all in all.

This pulls in SVG code, but doesn’t make vector objects. To create vectors you can adjust points for in Hype, you would need to retrace them at this time. Getting SVG --> Vector objects is something we want to do!

Why not just load an svg version of the font? Though I’m not sure google accepts svg type. For sure the conversion would speed up the workflow. For me the workflow would be if we can load fonts but not use them as font but rather as vector or have hype give us an option to use a font hosted or have it be scalable vector graphic.

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Hi @Daniel and @petester ,

Thank you. I started to build every design again in Sketch and export them SVG layers individually.

Your suggestion petester sounds great. The issue is that Hype doesn’t seem to be able to renderthose fonts or graphics down to simple vector paths.

That would be amazing.