Custom export script for scenes


I was looking into the export scripts (DCM, studio, adwords etc…) and i’m trying to modify the scripts to export all the current scene in a document as separate .zip files.

Ultimately, i have to create over 30 ads with different image. To create 30 different .hype document is messy and time consuming. I came across the scenes, which works well for what i need to do.

I found a parameter in the export script (initialSceneIndex) that set the scene number to export (ex : 0, 1, 2 etc), but i can’t figure out how to export the current selected scene and/or how to make a loop that export all the scenes as separate file.

Anyone has experimented with the python export script ?

Thanks !

You can choose scenes for export in the “advanced exporter”. Also you can set the export script there… on an individual export segment level.

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The File > Advanced Export… of Hype Pro that @MaxZieb showed should do the trick; if it isn’t clear from his screenshot it will automatically make export slices for each scene. Notes on this:

  • To export them, you will need to check the box next to the scene name, as by default they aren’t set to be exported
  • It auto-detects which resources to export, but if you’re using javascript or inner HTML that references a resource you may need to enable it
  • You can multi-select export slices to change their settings en masse

Updated the screenshot…

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Thanks guys. I will use the advance export. Seems to do the same thing that i was trying to achieve with the export script.

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