Custom Document Size

Would be great if Hype had the ability to open hype with a custom layout size vs just 600x400 for width and height? Maybe somewhere in the preferences have a custom Input field to open hype size to open hype with a desired size?

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A relatively easy workaround is to save your preferences in a .hypetemplate then drag it next to the downloads stack on the right of your dock:

Then a single click will open a new document with your desired size, grid layout, etc.


Thanks for the request!

(And a good workaround by @Aqueum - in fact you could have a whole folder in the finder of Hype template files to cover a wide range of circumstances)

Thanks @Aqueum I was aware of the different templates one can create and use to open hype with a specific size. I guess I'll waste no time and start creating them and add to my dock... :crazy_face: Though on a second thought, was I really asking for a workaround?

Why your welcome, hope I'm not asking for too much here. And might I ask while I'm at it already, curious to know why is hypes default document size is at 600x400?

When we did the Templates, we discussed whether we should have an "Open Template" window that would store templates and either be presented when making a new document or be an optional window. Ultimately we felt the Finder took care of this capability and gave users a lot of flexibility, without adding complexity of a choice before entering a new document. I like the feel of always starting with a blank canvas.

It is the size we have used since the first beta... my recollection is that I wanted to use 640x480 as that is an old school monitor size (thinking back to HyperCard), but the height of 480 would have caused scrolling with our timeline below on the 13" MacBook Air of 2010. So instead a height of 400 with a 3:2 ratio leading to a 600 width was used. Basically it is arbitrary - we didn't know how Hype was going to be used so wanted to present a relatively big canvas.

It would be interesting to know what average size people ( yes you reading this) are setting their Hype doc to?