Custom Behavior issues: arrangement of panels and text

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maybe I’ve found 1 bugs in the “custom behavior” panel and another thing but I’m not sure.

renaming Custom Behavior —> problem: CB list position
1: create a long list of CB
2: rename one CB in the list
After the text editing each CB panel changes position ( I suppose in order to follow the alphabetical order) and the interface became unreadable.
Solution: restart Hype

This is a bug?
renaming “Custom Behavior” —> problem: text content
1: create a CB
2; create a trigger to this CB in the timeline
3: back to the CB list and change the name of an existing CB
4: open again the trigger in the timeline ( point3), the name of the CB in the frigger is still the old name.
Solutions: A or B
A: edit the name manually in the trigger
B: open the CB list and cut and paste each name in the same position.

hope this helps

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

I wasn’t able to reproduce this; any chance you could send a screenshot when it is in this state? Or if it always reproduces, could you send a screen capture (via QuickTime Player’s File > New Screen Recording…)?

My read on what you’re describing is that you’re expecting if you change a name of a custom behavior, then you would expect the trigger to also change in the name. This doesn’t happen; custom behaviors and triggers are identified by their string values and aren’t strongly bound. For example, you could have multiple custom behaviors with the same name, so changing the name of one would be ambiguous if the trigger should be changed or not.

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@jonathan thanks for your help.

issue during the CB name creation:
if you have not pressed “enter” to register the CB name before you choose the action in the list. (178.0 KB)

if a CB is renamed:
I must replace the (old) name manually every time? (383.4 KB)


(Jonathan Deutsch) #4

Thanks for the video, this is a bug!

Yes, this is intended behavior because there’s not meant to be a strong tie between behavior names and trigger names for this feature (otherwise certain flows could not work). That said, we know this is still a common scenario and have a few ideas to make it easier.

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the bug is a small issue :smile:

ah ok, now I understand, is a simple name and not a keyframe or similar; it make sense.

thanks for the clarification