Cursor progressively out of synch with timeline slider control


I am new user of Hype (2.5.3) but have had some success with it and look forward to showing my bosses cool stuff it can do.

I put together a sliding timeline based on a very good Youtube tutorial (Using Hype 2.0 to Build an Interactive Timeline for Web… it’s a timeline of corvettes over the years.).

The project works as expected except that as I drag the timeline control from left to right, the cursor controlling the timeline knob progressively gets further and further away from the knob. Of course, I would like the cursor to stay on the knob as it is being dragged.

Is this a common problem? Any ideas about how this is happening? I built the tutorial twice, but both times with the same result.

Thanks for any help.

Mike Fisher

To get the dragged element to match up better with the timeline, you’ll need to adjust the length of the timeline. At this time we don’t expose the drag coefficient (to allow faster or slower timeline control) but we hope to add this in the future.


Thanks for the quick reply. I am not sure that I am describing the problem just right. Here is a link to a test… it isn’t finished, but enough of it is there to illustrate the problem:

See how the cursor gets further and further away from the timeline knob or playhead as it is dragged to the right? I’d like the cursor to stay on the playhead as it is dragged…

Does your earlier advice still apply here?


Mike Fisher

Yes -- since you're likely using the 'Drag' to 'Control Timeline' action, you'll need to shorten the length of the timeline that animates the actual movement of the timeline knob from Left to Right. If that's not the case can you share your document?


Timeline problem is solved… I looked at the timelines again… In one timeline, the knob or playhead was one continuous 8-second movement. The other timeline was also 8-seconds long, but there were gaps of 15 frames in between each image opacity reveal where no animation was happening at all. When I removed those gaps where nothing was happening, and shortened both timelines, the problem fixed itself, or at least is not really noticeable. It’s “fixed enough.”


Mike Fisher

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