Cursor in inner html match text/object in design window

Hello Hype Peeps :slight_smile: I'm one of those pesky Graphic Designers who have been snookered by Adobe deciding to "spit the dummy" with Flash. Then they had the gall to replace it with Edge Animate. I mugged up on this for 3 years only for it to be deprecated. Couldn't see the point in deprecating Flash myself as even with a little code and a few snippets grabbed from the web I got on quite well for many years, and for designing for mobiles with an alternative html page if needed. Action script 3 somewhat mind boggling however. Suffice it to say never want to use Adobe again - Macromedia you could trust.

To be honest I find HTML5 incredibly clunky in comparison just to perform a simple function. E.g. it seemed that nearly an entire A4 page used to move an object along a timeline - so it seemed to me but I'm a Designer! I AM trying however. I do have a suggestion: Could the cursor in the Inner HTML generated match the elements seen in the design window. Otherwise it does take up considerable time trying to find out where one is. Least for those like me! Dreamweaver had this function at least otherwise a dreadful bit of software. I began using Hype 4 in 2020 after catching Covid so bit slow. Apologies if this has been answered already. Thanks!

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I've read this three times and have no clue what you're talking about :ghost: :joy:

Perhaps you've got a hypefile to provide where you started to do something that does not want to succeed

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TL;DR — The first paragraph is about dissatisfaction with Adobe.

The second paragraph is about two issues... frustration with HTML5 and perhaps a custom cursor. Although, I'm not sure if she wants her project to have a custom cursor or Hype to have a custom cursor.

If it's a custom cursor for her project, there was a lot of discussion about that here... Make my cursor an image when user hovers over an icon

The early days of the Internet were easier. Flash was easy to use and it was way ahead of its time. Hype is very good, but it's not exact replacement for Flash. Even after 10 years, I still miss Flash.

Ref. “Inner HTML button” to access and edit html:

Hi to all. Apologies if I wasn’t clear.

When selecting a text box in design view, double clicking the text reveals a small circular dot with a pen icon in it at the bottom of the text box in the middle. When clicked a another window opens up allowing you edit the “inner HTML” pertaining to the text in the scene you are working on in design view.

However when editing the “inner HTML” the text cursor doesn’t link or move with the actual text cursor in design view. With a lot of scripting this makes it very hard to find the place you wish to edit in script mode without reading through all the code.

My suggestion is: It would be good if the “inner HTML” script editing cursor links or moves with the cursor in the actual text in the design window as it would save a lot of time particularly when you have a lot of scrolling text to wade through.

This feature was available with Adobe Dreamweaver which for my purposes was a sledge hammer to crack a nut but probably suitable for database work. I used it just for “wrapping” Flash content until forced to work solely with HTML. Otherwise a nightmare to use whereas HYPE is doing a pretty good job making the process suitable for both designers and coders and getting better. I’m hoping this would be of help to coders too :slight_smile:

If you are only inputing text or changing the appearance of a regular design element, you don't need to edit the innerHTML. Just type the text into the element itself or use the regular element properties dialog to set its appearance.


I want to put in anchor points in scrolling text with IDs etc. There seems to be no other way to do it. One thing that was easy in Dreamweaver! Select text, an options box opens up add anchor name and ID then use a button with Go to URL. #this-section etc.

Another thing I’ve found difficult is to add images with text - would make adding anchor points easier. The other thing is there seems to be no way of selecting a bit of text to make it a hyperlink! One can only do this by editing inner HTML otherwise the link is applied to the whole text box!

I have also had to regularly go into inner HTML when text formatting goes awry! This used to happen a lot in Dreamweaver too but never resolved - rogue script etc. Needing clean up.

If you know a better way of doing anything of these tasks I’m all ears with a virtual hug!

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edit innerHTML in Hype is not solved in a way that it'll be ... fun :wink:

I'd use an external editor and paste the whole bunch when ready ...

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Fantastic! ;-D

... and this editor could be whisk :slight_smile: :wink: with livepreview!

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Thanks for the requests!

I agree a synchronized cursor would be a great feature to add to aid in editing. It is true that there's not always a proper 1-to-1 correspondence between HTML and its displayed representation, so this is a tricky feature to properly implement. Having the same selection shown both in the HTML view and preview in Whisk has been one of the most consistent feature requests there, so hopefully we could kill two birds with one stone in implementing it.