Cube Flip with Icon

I was looking for a cube flip in the forum, inspired by one I saw on a company’s website. Though I found one by @uedvincent I wanted to update it a little bit with an icon, as on the company’s website, in case anyone wanted to do something like this.

3D Cube with (36.2 KB)

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The drawback to this approach is that it uses “mouse over & out” to work which eliminates it from use in mobile environments. I wish there was a way to simulate this effect for mobile OS, it is such effective interface.

Separately, another take on “cube flip”, this time as a scene transition. This is not a built-in Hype transition - it is a synthesized transition. The entire “transition” is actually done in one scene and at the end of the timeline there is an instant transition to the next (target) scene. You can create a large variety of scene transitional effects using this approach - limited only by your imagination & skill.

Cube Flip - Scene Transition Demo (Swipe interface) here.

Hype Project file here: (568.6 KB)


Here is the original thread which requested assistance in creating a transition from an animation effect: