CSS3 Filters compatibility

I see my Firefox version can display CSS3 filters like the Blur filter:

But It can’t display the one that Hype uses:

But it does work in Safari (OSX). Im trying to get this to work under a Windows computer, is there a way to do this? Many windows browsers like Chrome and Firefox seems to support CSS3 filters but for some reason they don’t display those when they are made in Hype.

It looks like that is a backdrop filter and not a foreground filter? If so, only Safari/Mobile Safari and the upcoming version of Edge can use it. There should be a browser warning in the inspector showing this.

If it is a foreground filter, can you attach a zip of your .hype document to take a look as it should work on Firefox.

Yeah, it seems i was confusing the simple css blur with the backdrop filter.

It actually doesn’t work in firefox

But it seems that I could bring that effect to windows using the experimental features in Chrome.

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Ah that is great chrome has it behind a flag - it is a great feature so hopefully with Chrome and Edge upcoming support it will also be implemented by Firefox. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1178765

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