Crossfade between scenes flashes objects just before transition


I’ve been using Hype for a day so I’m sure I’m overlooking something obvious.

I have a banner image slider that has three slides.

On each slide I’m animating the text elements into the scene from off-canvas, and then after 10 seconds I’m animating them out again.

Then I have a timeline action that automatically goes to the next scene:

The problem is that when I use a crossfade transition between the scenes the text objects (which should be off-screen) pop back for a second while the transition is going at the top of the banner.

If I use an instant scene transition it this doesn’t happen.

Here is my project file: R3 Home (342.8 KB)

Thanks for any help!

Try two things.

On Each scene’s timeline push the change scene key frame forward so it triggers a few milliseconds after the text has got out of the way. I think there is a clash on the two actions trying to complete at the same time.

Also select each Scenes contents group and set the content overflow to hidden ( Metrics inspector)

Doing this seemed to clear the issue for me.

By the way your text banners are wrapping which means they will be hanging down. Widen the text box…

@MarkHunte Thanks for your suggestions, I will give them a try.

I think the boxes are wrapping because I’m using a font that isn’t available, but will be on the final site.

I’ll reply with my results.



Thinking about it ( and tested) you don’t need to set the hidden unless you want it. I originally suggested that part just to make sure that the text was not seen when going up beyond it’s container.

The moving the keyframe fixes the issue for me completely.