Cropping the top of a project


I have made a project that I now find a bit to big in the top.
I wonder if there is a way to crop a project from above instead of, as I find it today, only cropping the bottom.

All the best. Erik

I do not think there is.

You could temporarily select every thing in a scene. Group it. Change the Scene Size. Move the new group and its elements to the new position and then ungroup.

If you have more than one scene and want to also change them, then either make sure you uncheck ‘Apply changes to all scenes’ or make sure you go to each scene and do a grouping on each before you make the scene size change with the Apply changes to all scenes’ checked.

If you do not want any other scenes change remember to uncheck ‘Apply changes to all scenes’

Thanks Mark!

Thats a great work around. I still don’t see why cropping from all sides is possible thou…
But Im sure there are reasons : )

Best /Erik

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