Creating HTML5 Widget from SWF Decompiler

(michael dipasquale) #1

I’ve been trying to create an HTML5 widget from a saved html file for the past two hours. I’m frustrated because I used SoThink SWF Decompiler to convert an SWF file into an HTML5 file. SoThink saves the html file to a folder with a sprite.js file.

My question is…how do I take that saved html file and add it into hype? The HTML5 widget dialogue doesn’t have an option to add a file.

Any suggestions?




Yup. Insert an HTML widget and use:


If your file.html needs to access a JS file, make sure that it is referenced as sprite.js, and not js/sprite.js. That way, you can just drop your sprite.js within the resources folder as well and things should work.

Thanks @Photics