Creating Gooey Shapes

(Shir Decker) #1

Hello guys,

I’m new to hype and would like to know if there’s any way to create this effect:

Thank you in advance, Shir.


Absolutely, you can adjust blur and contrast (mentioned in the article) in the Element Inspector:

(Shir Decker) #3

Hey Daniel, thanks for your reply.

I tried using the filters through the inspector but all I seem to end up with is this:

I can’t figure out what I’m not doing right :disappointed:


Hi @shirdeck

Group the elements (CMD-ALT-G) and give the group a fill colour of white and a contrast value of 20px.


(Shir Decker) #5

It worked! Thank you so much @DBear and @Daniel


You’re not gonna share your goo?

(Shir Decker) #7

@Daniel I promise I will once the project’s ready :pray:

(Rick) #8

Haha, no idea this was possible or if I’ll ever need it, but it’s really fun play with! :grin:
Thanks all for showing this!

(Shir Decker) #9

Hey guys,

I’m still working on the gooey shapes project and you’ve been a lot of help in first understanding how to make the shapes connect in a fluid-like way.

Phase 2 of the animation includes colored shapes and I imagine that changes a lot since I’m gonna change the contrast and more.

Any idea on how to stick as close as i can to the original color?

Best, Shir