Creating custom behaviors (Actions across Symbols)

Do you have a general tutorial on custom behaviors? Docs ain't much help.

Custom Behaviors are the solution we came up with to allow action triggering between different layers on a Hype document. They have a very specific use case: When we were working on Symbols, it became evident that it would be difficult to play timelines within a symbol from outside of it, or to target the Main Timeline of a scene when clicking an object within a symbol.

So if you have a button (not within a symbol) that you want to run a Symbol's main timeline when clicked, you would do this:

  • Enter the symbol (double click on it)
  • At the bottom of the 'Symbol' inspector, click 'Add New Behavior'
  • Give the Custom Behavior a name
  • Select 'Start Timeline...' / 'Main Timeline' (This action represents the timeline of the current context: the Symbol's Main Timeline)
  • Next, exit the symbol, select your button, and 'Trigger Custom Behavior...' and select that Behavior you created.

Likewise, you can make a custom behavior in the main scene and trigger it from within a symbol.


Thanks for the quick reply. That really clears things up!

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Your description here might be a valuable addition to the Documentation. It took me a bit of reading when I first started using Hype to figure out this useful feature as You are now succinctly describing it.


I always wondered about how to use that function. Thank you!