Creating a table and filtering

Hi guys,

I need to create a good looking table as per the image.
The details are stored in a MYSQL database as follows:
I know how to call a php file and bring the data in but no idea how to create the table to look sexy...

I also need to add the input boxes ( looking sexy ) so when typed in they filter the existing table. Also when cleared (x) all the data shows.

Any help appreciated.

I wouldn't do this from scratch! There are a lot of sortable/searchable table code out there. For example, I see this jquery plugin one that probably handles your cases:

If you search for "sortable searchable html table" you can find plenty of others. I haven't use one in a while so I don't have a specific recommendation, other than don't reinvent the wheel :slight_smile:.


Another popular one is which I think does everything you might need.