Creating a spline or a line

Hey is there a way to create an animating line or spline? Like a line expanding over time from one point to another? An example would be like a curving line going from a city to another city to illustrate the way. Ideally having an arrow head would be awesome.

I guess what I am asking is can you stroke a motion path? If not that would be an awesome feature. Also allow start point and finish points like a circle at the start and an arrow at the end

There’s no specific line/path tool now, but this is a very popular request.

A simple line could be animated by making a thin rectangle (removing borders and rotating how you see fit). Other shapes could be revealed using a group with its Content Overflow setting as hidden and then animating the width/height.

I don’t have the time to try it on a “Motion Path” right now (almost bed time 4 me), but this might help you get started. (12.5 KB)



Nice “Rectangle Borders” = “Arrowhead”.

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